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First name:
Place and date of birth:

AS_Radu Lupascu Lupaşcu
Radu - Ioan
Bucharest, August 24, 1961

Marital status Married, 3 children:
Andreea Carmen (Technical Consultant at Eque2 LTD, UK)
Ioana Sandra (Ecologist Engineer at Monbat Recycling SRL, RO)
Ana Maria (2nd Year at Academy of Economics Studies, Department of Accounting and Management Information)
Education:  Unirea Industrial High School Bucharest
Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, 3 years
0724 663 786

Professional activity:

Ministry of Health, Construction Design Department - topometry, drafting, equipment design – heating, sanitary, ventilation, thermal stations;

Ministry of Agriculture, Research and Design Institute for Industrial Use of Fruit and Vegetables – chief designer – thermal stations, air-conditioning installations, construction site engineering and machinery;

Ministry of Labour, Directorate of Pensions and Social Insurance for Farmers – scientific referent, inventory management and equipment purchasing for MOL hotels, inspections of Livadia Hotel building site in Olăneşti;

director Brain Product S.R.L., founded record company, sales manager in own music store, store chain outside Bucharest, tape and CD distribution in and out of Bucharest for Repertoire Records, Warner Music, Sony, EMI, ECM, Universal, Geffen Records; consultant for New York firm, plans for local representation of Sony Carolina, Concord Records, Alligator Records, dealer Nakamichi; founder of Musical Report magazine, editorial staff co-ordinator, reporter for rock, blues and jazz concerts, co-ordinator of magazine promotion activity, promotion and distribution of Concord Records products in Romania for Soft Records; promotor for bands and musicians like Kumm, Middlefinger, Blueservice, Quo Vadis, Blues Convention, Mihaela Geangu, George Sarluceanu; organized Musical Report aniversary show in cooperation with with Akzent Media, Mamaia (Iris, Holograf, Blueservice, Middlefinger, Nightlosers, Johnny Răducanu); editor Stage Pass magazine; promotor for Swing House, Blues Café clubs; folk music shows organized at Piranha club;

founder of music magazine Art & Roll, founding member of the “Blues Café group“, distribution director, editor; organized promotion event for the movie Wonder Boys, Bucureşti Mall (Florian Pittis, Nicu Alifantis & Zan); organized the first “Chestnut Tree Festival” - Ploieşti; consultant, radio and TV representative, reporter for rock, blues and jazz concerts, co-ordinator of magazine promotion activity; music show for M&M Audio Video.

2001 - 2003
DTP computer operator, creation director, representative printing company, consultant; editor Art & Roll; collector.

2003 – 2006
sales manager with L’Esperance Music record company, music producer; founder Rage Records, music division Rock a L’Esperance Music, producer and promoter of legendary group Semnal M from Cluj, launched double CD – Ieri şi Azi (Yesterday and Today), sold in over 10,000 copies; colaborator radio; founder of RAGEVOLUTIA ROCK 2004 magazine, including the first alternative rock compilation (digipack) of new Romanian underground groups; author of digipack collections of gypsy band music „Cântă-mi lăutare!” and „Colecţia de Folclor”, etc., collector and member of Blues Cafe şi Colector’s Pub clubs in Bucharest, artistic director of Big Mamou club, organizer of special concerts and folk, rock and blues music evenings in the only blues club in town, organizer of the first Blues Festival in a Bucharest club with international participation (Stranzinger - Austria), production director ZAKA Music, music producer of the first Festival of Street Musicians – 2005, author of the book Pe urmele lui Hendrix – Zaka Edit 2005 and of the first official ROMANIAN TRIBUTE TO HENDRIX, organizer of the JIMI HENDRIX FESTIVAL at the Big Mamou club, author of blues reviews, author of the first blues dictionary published in Romania (to be launched in 2009).

2006 – 2008
music consultant for event organizing firms, reporter covering rock music events, promoter for rock şi blues music, co-organizer of concerts and co-ordinator music projects, music consultant for collectors.

2009 - 2011
He developed and diversified the activity of the Art of Sound virtual magazine while being present, alongside the magazine writers and photographers, in almost all cultural events organized in Bucureşti, Sibiu, Iaşi, Gărâna, Delta Dunării, but also Budapest or Vienna. He promoted and supported the publication of the "Deschide-ţi mintea!" (Open Your Mind!) album by group Timpuri Noi. Currently he is preparing two new musical projects with Romanian musicians, out of which ROMANIAN TRIBUTE TO JIMO HENDRIX 2 is scheduled to be launched in November 2012.

He orchestrated the pilot edition of the first bass guitar festival in Romania. Dracula Bass is a unique festival in the Eastern Europe. The Dracula Bass International Festival was held at the Green Hours club in Bucharest, on 1-2 October, 2011. Radu Lupaşcu sat on the jury but also organized the young artists' competition, as well as the special concerts on both evenings of the festival. He was a music consultant for the first volume of The Elegance of Music, launched by the French illustrator of Romanian origin, Traian Marinescu.

2013 to 2016

Participant as editor, photographer or guest to all major music events held/organized in Bucharest. As Editor in chief which coordinated all editors and photographers of website:, website specialized in the music that has good value, the one that never dies.

After the celebration of five years from the musical virtual launch, he launched the unique idea for the Trilogy of Sounds on the Romanian market, which was comprised of three volumes: The Art of Sounds (2014), The Colour of Sounds (together with Ioan Big, 2015) and The Joy of Sounds (2016). The Trilogy of Sounds was realized/finished (and sold out) in collectible editions in the series of the Subjective Mythologies. Two of anthologies were made also in mass print: The Art of Sounds by publishing house Adenium from Iasi in year 2014, respectively The Colour or Sounds, by publishing house Rao from Bucharest in year 2015. Rock Interviews 3 (2016) is the tenth book that celebrates 15 years of Subjective Mythologies.

In the 382 pages of the book Rock Interviews 3 you can discover 21 exclusive interviews, 7 of which premiered at Paul Bibbins, Valentin Boghean, Phil Brown, Dan Chebac, Dan Iliescu, Radu Paraschivescu and Rob Tognoni. Subjective Mythologies format series of books is 110/160 mm and each edition collectible print run is limited. It is preparing another three volumes all with musical theme.

Hobby: music

first came across good quality music while at the Nicolae Iorga High School from Braila, organized school events, edited school magazine;

co-ordinated music and theatre project while in the Army, vinyl LP collector;

participated in and promoted musical activities within the Joia Tineretului festivities, collects rock, blues, jazz, progress;

1990 – 2008
participated in concerts in Romania and abroad, active co-ordinator of music companies, fashion shows, music magazines - Musical Report, Stage Pass, Art Roll, etc., weeklies like Şapte Seri, launchings, interviews with Romanian and foreign celebrities, shows, music festivals, reviews for music magazine Sunete, initiator of specialized web site Arta Sunetelor, music and movie collector, etc.

2009 - 2012
Participated as editor, photographer or just a spectator in almost all cultural events organized in
 Bucureşti, Sibiu, Iaşi, Gărâna, Delta Dunării, but also Budapest or Vienna.

2013 to 2016

From year 2012 he was accredited in all editions blues festival in Sighisoara, where he attended as a spectator in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

He participated as a spectator/guest to a lot of concerts outside Romania, such as: Berlin (Rush), Anvers (Robert Clay, Eagles), Sofia (Steven Wilson), Vienna (Joe Bonamassa, Peter Gabriel, Lawrence jones, The Who) and London (Van Morrison, Jeff Beck) and so on.

2016 – 2022

Radu-Ioan Lupaşcu is a music producer ("Semnal M", "Ragevoluţia rock", "Romanian Tribute to Jimi Hendrix", "Romanian Tribute to Jimi Hendrix vol. 2" etc.), executive director and sales of some record companies, event organizer (Big Mamou, The Pub etc.), editor, coordinator, editor-in-chief, show presenter, artist promoter, creator of the famous "Blues Cafe" group, as well as a well-known vinyl collector, compact audio, video and autograph discs. He is a founding member of two popular music magazines, "Musical Report" (1999) and "Art & Roll" (2000), where he published his first chronicles of rock, prog, blues and jazz. He has written other articles and interviews in weekly or periodical publications such as "Sapte Seri", "Backstage", "Sunete", "Academia Catavencu" and "Gazeta Cartilor". He was a music consultant for the "Eleganţa Muzicii" dictionary, which includes a history of Romanian record covers. He was a founding member and organizer of the first "Festival of Street Musicians" (2005) and the first bass guitar festival in Romania, "Dracula Bass Festival" (2011, 2012). He has published "Pe urmele lui Hendrix" (2005), "Rock Interviews" (2012), "Rock Interviews 2" (2015), "Rock Interviews 3" (2016) and "Rock Interviews 4" (2019) in the Mythology series. He is preparing rock interviews no. 5 for this year. He coordinates the "Sound Trilogy", the first printed anthologies of the virtual magazine, creating together with Ioan Big "The Art of Sounds" (Adenium 2014) and "The Colors of Sounds" (RAO 2015). In 2016 he created the anthology "Bucuria sunetelor" (Editura din Condei) by himself. In 2018, in the year of the centenary, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the virtual magazine, he built together with Ioan Big and Gabriel Petric the double anthological volume "Zece dintr-o suta" (a selection of exceptional articles from the ten years of virtual activity) - The Book of Sounds (the only Romanian volume 100% with musical subjects dedicated to the centenary) "launched at Arvin Press Publishing House in Bucharest. Gather materials for the History of Sounds, another collective anthology that will be released in 2023. Launched the Vibratii Singulare collection, a new series in the area of interest of the Art of Sounds and readers interested in the sound dimension of existence, as a way of looking and understanding The world. In this series of books appeared: Guitar riffs by Gabriel Petric (2020), Rockin 'by myself, 2013 - 2016 by Dumitru Ungureanu (2021), Rebel and free by Alexandru Albiter (2021) and Blues Made in Romania by Radu Lupaşcu. Blues Made in Romania, the book of Romanian blues, is the best-selling book of the Vibratii singulare collection and was launched in two editions in 2022. Radu Lupaşcu designed and realized the first blues festival in the capital, Urban Blues Fest. The first edition was sold out and took place between April 15 and 17, 2022 at The Pub University (Trocadero) in Bucharest. The second edition is being prepared in the same location for the fall of 2022.


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