Arta Sunetelor


1941 How Green Was My Valley - Darryl F. Zanuck

Blossoms in the Dust - Irving Asher

Citizen Kane - Orson Welles

Here Comes Mr. Jordan - Everett Riskin

Hold Back the Dawn - Arthur Hornblow, Jr.

The Little Foxes - Samuel Goldwyn

The Maltese Falcon - Hal B. Wallis

One Foot in Heaven - Hal B. Wallis

Sergeant York - Jesse L. Lasky & Hal B. Wallis

Suspicion - Alfred Hitchcock


REGIE John Ford - How Green Was My Valley

Alexander Hall - Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Howard Hawks - Sergeant York

Orson Welles - Citizen Kane

William Wyler - The Little Foxes


ACTOR PRINCIPAL   Gary Cooper - Sergeant York

Cary Grant - Penny Serenade

Walter Huston - The Devil & Daniel Webster

Robert Montgomery - Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Orson Welles - Citizen Kane


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Joan Fontaine - Suspicion

Bette Davis - The Little Foxes

Olivia de Havilland - Hold Back the Dawn

Greer Garson - Blossoms in the Dust

Barbara Stanwyck - Ball of Fire


ACTOR SECUNDAR   Donald Crisp - How Green Was My Valley

Walter Brennan - Sergeant York

Charles Coburn - The Devil & Miss Jones

James Gleason - Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Sydney Greenstreet - The Maltese Falcon


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Mary Astor - The Great Lie

Sara Allgood - How Green Was My Valley

Patricia Collinge - The Little Foxes

Teresa Wright - The Little Foxes

Margaret Wycherly - Sergeant York


IMAGINE Arthur C. Miller, How Green Was My Valley (alb - negru)

Ernest Palmer & Ray Rennahan, Blood & Sand (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Citizen Kane - Herman Mankiewicz, Orson Welles

The Devil & Miss Jones - Norman Krasna

Sergeant York - Harry Chandlee, Abem Finkel, John Huston, Howard Koch

Tall, Dark & Handsome - Karl Tunberg, Darrell Ware

Tom, Dick & Harry - Paul Jarrico


SCENARIU ADAPTAT Here Comes Mr. Jordan - Sidney Buchman, Seton Miller după piesa Heaven Can Wait de Harry Segall

Hold Back the Dawn - Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder roman de Ketti Frings

How Green Was My Valley - Philip Dunne nuvelă de Richard Llewellyn

The Little Foxes - Lillian Hellman după o piesă proprie

The Maltese Falcon - John Huston nuvelă de Dashiell Hammett


1942 Mrs. Miniver - Sidney Franklin

Forty-Ninth Parallel - (UK) Michael Powell

Kings Row - Hal B. Wallis

The Magnificent Ambersons - Orson Welles

The Pied Piper - Nunnally Johnson

The Pride of the Yankees - Samuel Goldwyn

Random Harvest - Sidney Franklin

The Talk of the Town George Stevens

Wake Island - Joseph Sistrom

Yankee Doodle Dandy - Jack Warner, Hal B. Wallis, William Cagney


REGIE William Wyler - Mrs. Miniver

Michael Curtiz - Yankee Doodle Dandy

John Farrow - Wake Island

Mervyn LeRoy - Random Harvest

Sam Wood - Kings Row


ACTOR PRINCIPAL James Cagney - Yankee Doodle Dandy

Ronald Colman - Random Harvest

Gary Cooper - The Pride of the Yankees

Walter Pidgeon - Mrs. Miniver

Monty Woolley - The Pied Piper


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Greer Garson - Mrs. Miniver

Bette Davis - Now, Voyager

Katharine Hepburn - Woman of the Year

Rosalind Russell - My Sister Eileen

Teresa Wright - The Pride of the Yankees


ACTOR SECUNDAR   Van Heflin - Johnny Eager

William Bendix - Wake Island

Walter Huston - Yankee Doodle Dandy

Frank Morgan - Tortilla Flat

Henry Travers - Mrs. Miniver


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Teresa Wright - Mrs. Miniver

Gladys Cooper - Now, Voyager

Agnes Moorehead - The Magnificent Ambersons

Susan Peters - Random Harvest

May Whitty - Mrs. Miniver


IMAGINE Joseph Ruttenberg, Mrs. Miniver (alb - negru)

Leon Shamroy, The Black Swan (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Woman of the Year - Michael Kanin, Ring Lardner Jr

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing - Micheal Powell, Emeric Pressburger

The Road to Morocco - Frank Butler, Don Hartman

Wake Island - W. R. Burnett, Frank Butler

The War Against Mrs. Hadley - George Oppenheimer


SCENARIU ADAPTAT Mrs. Miniver - George Froeschel, James Hilton, Claudine West, Arthur Wimperis nuvelă de Jan Struther

Forty-Ninth Parallel - Rodney Ackland, Emeric Pressburger povestire de Emeric Pressburger

The Pride of the Yankees - Herman J. Mankiewicz, Jo Swerling povestire de Paul Gallico

Random Harvest - George Froeschel, Claudine West, Arthur Wimperis nuvelă de James Hilton

The Talk of the Town - Sidney Buchman, Irwin Shaw povestire de Sidney Harmon


1943 Casablanca - Hal B. Wallis

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Sam Wood

Heaven Can Wait - Ernst Lubitsch

The Human Comedy - Clarence Brown

In Which We Serve - (UK) Noel Coward

Madame Curie - Sidney Franklin

The More the Merrier - George Stevens

The Ox-Bow Incident - Lamar Trotti

The Song of Bernadette - William Perlberg

Watch on the Rhine - Hal B. Wallis


REGIE Michael Curtiz - Casablanca

Clarence Brown - The Human Comedy

Henry King - The Song of Bernadette

Ernst Lubitsch - Heaven Can Wait

George Stevens - The More the Merrier


ACTOR PRINCIPAL   Paul Lukas - Watch on the Rhine

Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca

Gary Cooper - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Walter Pidgeon - Madame Curie

Mickey Rooney - The Human Comedy


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Jennifer Jones - The Song of Bernadette

Jean Arthur - The More the Merrier

Ingrid Bergman - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Joan Fontaine - The Constant Nymph

Greer Garson - Madame Curie


ACTOR SECUNDAR   Charles Coburn - The More the Merrier

Charles Bickford - The Song of Bernadette

J.Carroll Naish - Sahara

Claude Rains - Casablanca

Akim Tamiroff - For Whom the Bell Tolls


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Katina Paxinou - For Whom the Bell Tolls

Gladys Cooper - The Song of Bernadette

Paulette Goddard - So Proudly We Hail!

Anne Revere - The Song of Bernadette

Lucile Watson - Watch on the Rhine


IMAGINE Arthur C. Miller, The Song of Bernadette (alb - negru)

Hal Mohr & W. Howard Greene, The Phantom of the Opera (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Princess O'Rourke - Norman Krasna

Air Force - Dudley Nichols

In Which We Serve - Noel Coward

The North Star - Lillian Hellman

So Proudly We Hail - Alan Scott


SCENARIU ADAPTAT Casablanca - Philip Epstein, Julius J. Epstein, Howard Koch după piesa Everybody Comes to Rick's de Murray Burnett & Joan Alison

Holy Matrimony - Nunally Johnson după nuvela Buried Alive deArnold Bennett

The More the Merrier - Richard Flournoy, Lewis R. Foster, Frank Ross, Robert Russell povestire de Frank Ross & Robert Russell

The Song of Bernadette - George Seaton nuvelă de Franz Werfel

Watch on the Rhine - Dashiell Hammett după o piesă de Lillian Hellman


1944 Going My Way - Leo McCarey

Double Indemnity - Joseph Sistrom

Gaslight - Arthur Hornblow, Jr.

Since You Went Away - David O. Selznick

Wilson - Darryl F. Zanuck


REGIE Leo McCarey - Going My Way

Alfred Hitchcock - Lifeboat

Henry King - Wilson

Otto Preminger - Laura

Billy Wilder - Double Indemnity


ACTOR PRINCIPAL   Bing Crosby - Going My Way

Charles Boyer - Gaslight

Barry Fitzgerald - Going My Way

Cary Grant - None but the Lonely Heart

Alexander Knox - Wilson


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Ingrid Bergman - Gaslight

Claudette Colbert - Since You Went Away

Bette Davis - Mr. Skeffington

Greer Garson - Mrs. Parkington

Barbara Stanwyck - Double Indemnity


ACTOR SECUNDAR   Barry Fitzgerald - Going My Way

Hume Cronyn - The Seventh Cross

Claude Rains - Mr. Skeffington

Clifton Webb - Laura

Monty Woolley - Since You Went Away


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Ethel Barrymore - None But the Lonely Heart

Jennifer Jones - Since You Went Away

Angela Lansbury - Gaslight

Aline MacMahon - Dragon Seed

Agnes Moorehead - Mrs. Parkington


IMAGINE Joseph LaShelle, Laura (alb - negru)

Leon Shamroy, Wilson (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Wilson - Lamar Trotti

Hail the Conquering Hero - Preston Surges

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek - Preston Surges

Two Girls & a Sailor - Richard Connell, Glays Lehman

Wing & a Prayer - Jerome Cady


SCENARIU ADAPTAT Going My Way - Frank Butler, Frank Cavett povestire de Leo McCarey

Double Indemnity - Billy Wilder, Raymond Chandler după nuvela Double Indemnity in Three of a Kind de James M. Cain

Gaslight - John Van Druten, Walter Reisch, John L. Balderston după piesa Angel Street de Patrick Hamilton

Laura - Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein, Betty Reinhardt nuvelă de Vera Caspary

Meet Me in St. Louis - Irving Brecher, Fred F. Finklehoffe nuvelă de Sally Benson


1945 The Lost Weekend - Charles Bracken

Anchors Aweigh - Joe Pasternak

The Bells of St. Mary's - Leo McCarey

Mildred Pierce - Jerry Wald

Spellbound - David O. Selznick


REGIE Billy Wilder - The Lost Weekend

Clarence Brown - National Velvet

Alfred Hitchcock - Spellbound

Leo McCarey - The Bells of St. Mary's

Jean Renoir - The Southerner


ACTOR PRINCIPAL   Ray Milland - The Lost Weekend

Bing Crosby - The Bells of St. Mary's

Gene Kelly - Anchors Aweigh

Gregory Peck - The Keys of the Kingdom

Cornel Wilde - A Song to Remember


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Joan Crawford Mildred Pierce

Ingrid Bergman - The Bells of St. Mary's

Greer Garson - The Valley of Decision

Jennifer Jones - Love Letters

Gene Tierney - Leave Her to Heaven


ACTOR SECUNDAR James Dunn - A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Michael Chekhov - Spellbound

John Dall - The Corn Is Green

Robert Mitchum - The Story of G.I. Joe

J.Caroll Naish - A Medal for Benny


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Anne Revere - National Velvet

Eve Arden - Mildred Pierce

Ann Blyth - Mildred Pierce

Angela Lansbury - The Picture of Dorian Gray

Joan Lorring - The Corn Is Green


IMAGINE Harry Stradling, Picture of Dorian Gray (alb - negru)

Leon Shamroy, Leave Her to Heaven


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Marie-Louise - Richard Schweizer

Dillinger - Philp Yordon

Music for Millions - Myles Connolly

Salty O'Rourke - Milton Holmes

What Next, Corporal Hargrove? - Harry Kurnitz


SCENARIU ADAPTAT The Lost Weekend - Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder nuvelă de Charles R. Jackson

Mildred Pierce - Ranald MacDougall nuvelă de James M. Cain

The Pride of the Marines - Albert Maltz roman de Roger Butterfield

Story of G.I. Joe - Leopold Atlas, Guy Endore, Philip Stevenson după volumele Brave Men şi Here Is Your War de Ernie Pyle

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Frank Davis, Tess Slesinger nuvelă de Betty Smith


1946 The Best Years of Our Lives - Samuel Goldwyn

Henry V - (UK) Laurence Olivier

It's a Wonderful Life - Frank Capra

The Razor's Edge - Darryl F. Zanuck

The Yearling - Sidney Franklin


REGIE William Wyler - The Best Years of Our Lives

Clarence Brown - The Yearling

Frank Capra - It's a Wonderful Life

David Lean - Brief Encounter

Robert Siodmak - The Killers


ACTOR PRINCIPAL   Fredric March - The Best Years of Our Lives

Laurence Olivier - Henry V

Larry Parks - The Jolson Story

Gregory Peck - The Yearling

James Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Olivia de Havilland - To Each His Own

Celia Johnson - Brief Encounter

Jennifer Jones - Duel in the Sun

Rosalind Russell - Sister Kenny

Jane Wyman - The Yearling


ACTOR SECUNDAR   Harold Russell - The Best Years Of Our Lives

Charles Coburn - The Green Years

William Demarest - The Jolson Story

Claude Rains - Notorious

Clifton Webb - The Razor's Edge


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Anne Baxter - The Razor's Edge

Ethel Barrymore - The Spiral Staircase

Lillian Gish - Duel in the Sun

Flora Robson - Saratoga Trunk

Gale Sondergaard - Anna & the King of Siam


IMAGINE Arthur C. Miller, Anna & the King of Siam (alb - negru)

Charles Rosher, Leonard Smith & Arthur Arling, The Yearling (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL The Seventh Veil - Muriel Box, Sydney Box

The Blue Dahlia - Raymond Chandler

Children of Paradise - Jacques Prévert

Notorius - Ben Hecht

The Road to Utopia - Norman Panama, Melvin Frank


SCENARIU ADAPTAT The Best Years of Our Lives - Robert Sherwood după nuvela Glory for Me de MacKinlay Kantor

Anna & the King of Siam - Sally Benson, Talbot Jennings roman de Margaret Landon

Brief Encounter - Anthony Havelock-Allan, David Lean, Ronald Neame după piesa Still Life de Noel Coward

The Killers - Anthony Veiller povestire de Ernest Hemingway

Open City - Sergio Amidei, Federico Fellini povestire de Sergio Amidei, Alberto Consiglio


1947 Gentleman's Agreement - Darryl F. Zanuck

The Bishop's Wife - Samuel Goldwyn

Crossfire - Adrian Scott

Great Expectations - (UK) Ronald Neame

Miracle on 34th Street - William Perlberg


REGIE Elia Kazan - Gentleman's Agreement

George Cukor - A Double Life

Edward Dmytryk - Crossfire

Henry Koster - The Bishop's Wife

David Lean - Great Expectations


ACTOR PRINCIPAL Ronald Colman - A Double Life

John Garfield - Body & Soul

Gregory Peck - Gentleman's Agreement

Michael Redgrave - Mourning Becomes Electra

William Powell - Life with Father


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Loretta Young - The Farmer's Daughter

Joan Crawford - Possessed

Susan Hayward - Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman

Dorothy McGuire - Gentleman's Agreement

Rosalind Russell - Mourning Becomes Electra


ACTOR SECUNDAR Edmund Gwenn - Miracle on 34th Street

Charles Bickford - The Farmer's Daughter

Thomas Gomez - Ride the Pink Horse

Robert Ryan - Crossfire

Richard Widmark - Kiss of Death


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Celeste Holm - Gentleman's Agreement

Ethel Barrymore - The Paradine Case

Gloria Grahame - Crossfire

Marjorie Main - The Egg & I

Anne Revere - Gentleman's Agreement


IMAGINE Guy Green, Great Expectations (alb - negru)

Jack Cardiff, Black Narcissus (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL The Bachelor & the Bobby-Soxer - Sidney Sheldon

Body & Soul - Abraham Polonsky

A Double Life - Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin

Monsieur Verdoux - Charlie Chaplin

Shoeshine - Sergio Amidei, Adolfo Franci, C. G. Viola, Cesare Zavattini


SCENARIU ADAPTAT Miracle on 34th Street - George Seaton povestire de Valentine Davies

Boomerang - Richard Murphy bazat pe un articol de Anthony Abbot (pseudonimul lui Fulton Oursler)

Crossfire - John Paxton după nuvela The Brick Foxhole de Richard Brooks

Gentleman's Agreement - Moss Hart nuvelă de Laura Z. Hobson

Great Expectations - David Lean, Ronald Neame, Anthony Havelock-Allan nuvelă de Charles Dickens


FILM STRĂIN Shoeshine (Sciuscià) (ITA) Vittorio De Sica


1948   Hamlet - (UK) Laurence Olivier

Johnny Belinda - Jerry Wald

The Red Shoes - (UK) Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger

The Snake Pit - Anatole Litvak & Robert Bassler

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - Henry Blanke


REGIE John Huston - Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Anatole Litvak - The Snake Pit

Jean Negulesco - Johnny Belinda

Laurence Olivier - Hamlet

Fred Zinnemann - The Search


ACTOR PRINCIPAL  Laurence Olivier - Hamlet

Lew Ayres - Johnny Belinda

Montgomery Clift - The Search

Dan Dailey - When My Baby Smiles at Me

Clifton Webb - Sitting Pretty


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Jane Wyman - Johnny Belinda

Ingrid Bergman - Joan of Arc

Olivia de Havilland - The Snake Pit

Irene Dunne - I Remember Mama

Barbara Stanwyck - Sorry, Wrong Number


ACTOR SECUNDAR  Walter Huston - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Charles Bickford - Johnny Belinda

José Ferrer - Joan of Arc

Oscar Homolka - I Remember Mama

Cecil Kellaway - The Luck of the Irish


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Claire Trevor - Key Largo

Barbara Bel Geddes - I Remember Mama

Ellen Corby - I Remember Mama

Agnes Moorehead - Johnny Belinda

Jean Simmons - Hamlet


IMAGINE William Daniels, The Naked City (alb - negru)

Joseph Valentine, William V. Skall & Winton Hoch, Joan of Arc (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL nu s-a acordat


SCENARIU ADAPTAT The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - John Huston nuvelă de B. Traven

A Foreign Affair - Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder, Richard L. Breen povestire de David Shaw

Johnny Belinda - Irmgard von Cube, Allen Vincent după o piesă de Elmer Blaney Harris

The Search - Richard Schweizer, David Wechsler după o povestire proprie

The Snake Pit - Frank Partos, Millen Brand nuvelă de Mary Jane Ward


FILM STRĂIN Monsieur Vincent (FRA) Maurice Cloche


1949 All the King's Men - Robert Rossen

Battleground - Dore Schary

The Heiress - William Wyler

A Letter to Three Wives - Sol C. Siegel

Twelve O'Clock High - Darryl F. Zanuck


REGIE Joseph L. Mankiewicz - A Letter to Three Wives

Carol Reed - The Fallen Idol

Robert Rossen - All the King's Men

William A. Wellman - Battleground

William Wyler - The Heiress


ACTOR PRINCIPAL Broderick Crawford - All the King's Men as "Willie Stark"

Kirk Douglas - Champion

Gregory Peck - Twelve O'Clock High

Richard Todd - The Hasty Heart

John Wayne - Sands of Iwo Jima


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Olivia de Havilland - The Heiress

Jeanne Crain - Pinky

Susan Hayward - My Foolish Heart

Deborah Kerr - Edward, My Son

Loretta Young - Come to the Stable


ACTOR SECUNDAR  Dean Jagger - Twelve O'Clock High

John Ireland - All the King's Men

Arthur Kennedy - Champion

Ralph Richardson - The Heiress

James Whitmore - Battleground


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Mercedes McCambridge - All the King's Men

Ethel Barrymore - Pinky

Celeste Holm - Come to the Stable

Elsa Lanchester - Come to the Stable

Ethel Waters - Pinky


IMAGINE Paul C. Vogel, Battleground (alb - negru)

Winton Hoch, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Battleground - Robert Pirosh

Jolson Sings Again - Sidney Buchman

Paisà - Alfred Hayes, Federico Fellini, Sergio Amidei, Marcello Pagliero, Roberto Rossellini

Passport To Pimlico - T. E. B. Clarke

The Quiet One - Helen Levitt, Janice Loeb, Sidney Meyers


SCENARIU ADAPTAT A Letter to Three Wives - Joseph Mankiewicz după nuvela Letter to Five Wives de John Klempner

All the King's Men - Robert Rossen nuvelă de Robert Penn Warren

The Bicycle Thief - Cesare Zavattini nuvelă de Luigi Bartolini

Champion - Carl Foreman povestire de Ring Lardner

The Fallen Idol - Graham Greene după povestirea sa The Basement Room


FILM STRĂIN The Bicycle Thief (Ladri di biciclette) (ITA)

Vittorio De Sica


1950 All About Eve - Darryl F. Zanuck

Born Yesterday - S. Sylvan Simon

Father of the Bride - Pandro S. Berman

King Solomon's Mines - Sam Zimbalist

Sunset Boulevard - Charles Brackett


REGIE Joseph L. Mankiewicz - All About Eve

George Cukor - Born Yesterday

John Huston - The Asphalt Jungle

Carol Reed - The Third Man

Billy Wilder - Sunset Boulevard


ACTOR PRINCIPAL  José Ferrer - Cyrano de Bergerac

Louis Calhern - The Magnificent Yankee

William Holden - Sunset Boulevard

James Stewart - Harvey

Spencer Tracy - Father of the Bride


ACTRIŢĂ PRINCIPAL Judy Holliday - Born Yesterday

Anne Baxter - All About Eve

Bette Davis - All About Eve

Eleanor Parker - Caged

Gloria Swanson - Sunset Boulevard


ACTOR SECUNDAR   George Sanders - All About Eve

Jeff Chandler - Broken Arrow

Edmund Gwenn - Mister 880

Sam Jaffe - The Asphalt Jungle

Erich von Stroheim - Sunset Boulevard


ACTRIŢĂ SECUNDAR Josephine Hull - Harvey

Hope Emerson - Caged

Celeste Holm - All About Eve

Nancy Olson - Sunset Boulevard

Thelma Ritter - All About Eve


IMAGINE Robert Krasker, The Third Man (alb - negru)

Robert Surtees, King Solomon's Mines (color)


SCENARIU ORIGINAL Sunset Boulevard - Charles Brackett, D.M. Marshman, Billy Wilder

Adam's Rib - Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin

Caged - Virginia Kellogg, Bernard C. Schoenfeld

The Men - Carl Foreman

No Way Out - Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Lesser Samuels


SCENARIU ADAPTAT All About Eve - Joseph Mankiewicz după povestirea The Wisdom of Eve de Mary Orr

The Asphalt Jungle - Ben Maddow, John Huston nuvelă de W.R. Burnett

Born Yesterday - Albert Mannheimer, după o piesă de Garson Kanin

Broken Arrow - Albert Maltz (de fapt: Michael Blankfort) după nuvela Blood Brother de Elliott Arnold

Father of the Bride - Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett nuvelă de Edward Streeter


FILM STRĂIN The Walls of Malapaga (Au delà des grilles) (FRA/ITA) René Clément



Baicea Blues Band


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